Beauty and Wellness

Career prospects after beauty and wellness course

beauty and wellness course

Career prospects after beauty and wellness course

In India and overseas, the demand of professional makeup artists is very high. Many male and females joining Beauty and Wellness Course and exploring their career in the beauty sector. The beauty sector is experiencing its golden era with males and females becoming super conscious of their looks during social / corporate activities, marriages and parties, apart from the growing fashion Designing industry and movie sector, which has placed enormous demands on skilled make-up artists who can produce different looks for celebrities, artists and models.

Jiyes Learning institute at Panchkula have imparted learning, training and placements of beauty therapist and hair stylists profession.

What is it?

The Professionals of Beauty and wellness provides different services such as Makeup Services, Hair Styling Service, Beauty and health products, spa services and many more.

As they look to career development, most beauty and wellness professionals become entrepreneurs. It is a skill and talent-based career, but career development requires professional courses and certification.

The beauty and wellness sector is set on a strong growth rate with more and more people showing enormous interest and concern for their success

Activities the Beauty and wellness professionals do

  • Beauty Related Activities: They provide different beauty related services such as Beauty care service, invasive and non-invasive cosmetic treatment, nail services, pedicure and manicure.
  • Hair Related Activities: The Beauty and wellness also provide hair related services like Hair cutting service, Hair Styling, Hair Coloring, and some advance hair related techniques such as hair weaving and hair rebounding.
  • Wellness Activities: They provide different wellness services like- Weight loss, slimming, spa and massage services.
  • Sales: – The Beauty and wellness professionals also do some sales activities like sailing of different beauty, hair and cosmetics product at different retails store and beauty and hair salons.

Different Areas they Work:

  • Beauty Parlors and Saloons: They work in Parlors and saloons as a Saloon Manager and Salon stylist.
  • Film media and entertainment: They can work as a makeup artist in the film and entertainment industry.
  • Spas: They can work as Spa Manager and spa therapist in different countries.
  • Fitness Centers.
  • Different small and large retail stores.
  • Makeup Artist in Theaters.
  • Saloon Manager
  • Beauty Advisors

Beauty and Wellness Course Details and Curriculum     

Beauty and Wellness Course Diploma and Certification Course in related filed like’s aesthetic, cosmetology, makeup artist, hair stylist, etc.

Course Curriculum:

1. Beauty:-

  • Professional Ethics and Salon Management.
  • Facial Bleach.
  • Skin Treatments.
  • Skin Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Basic Facial, etc.

2. Hair Technology:-

  • Hair Theory & Practical.
  • Hair Massage
  • Shampoo & conditioning.
  • Hair Rebounding.
  • Hair Treatments, etc.

3. Make-Up:-

  • Makeup Theory.
  • Makeup Tools.
  • Importance of Makeups.
  • Bridal Makeups.
  • Ramp Makeup.
  • Glamor Makeup, etc.

4. Nail Arts:-

  • Nail Arts with Different Techniques.
  • Acrylic nail extension.

5. Nutrition and Dietetics:

  • Principles of Nutrition’s.
  • Anatomy & Physiology.
  • Weight Management, etc.

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