Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Jiyes Learning institute offers Industrial Training to engineering, polytechnic, and management at Panchkula. We provide Summer Training and Industrial Training to Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical Engineering and Management Students(MBA, BBA, etc). We want students to enhance their abilities to the core and become successful professionals. We Provide the students to a Professional environment for completion of the projects under the 6 months/6 weeks of Industrial Training.

Six weeks/Six months industrial training in Chandigarh Panchkula

Jiyes learning institute is allowing you to learn with the industry experienced professionals. Summer Industrial Training in Chandigarh prepares you for the challenges that you are likely to face in the corporate world and also tells you that you are ready to face them.

JIYES Learning Institute facilitates the students for the following fields in pursuing industrial training:-

2 weeks/1 month/ 6 month INDUSTRIAL TRAINING for multiplier impact in enhancing your employability for the career as per your aspiration. As a fresher, we are full of theoretical knowledge but do not interact with a live project ever. So, this training helps to get the necessary practical exposure and skills and assists the students in becoming a successful professional.

2 months/6 weeks Industrial Training Programs:

We offer a wide range of short term programs in student’s chosen field/language/technology to be productive, competent and professional. Our programs include:

  1.   Basic Computer Course
  2.   Tally
  3.   Photoshop
  4.   Illustrator
  5.   Animation
  6.   Adobe after effects
  7.   Software Testing
  8.   C, C++
  9.   Java Training
  10.   Machine learning (python)
  11.   Ethical Hacking
  12.   Networking
  13.   Hadoop
  14.   Cloud Computing
  15.   Data Mining
  16.   .NET
  17.   Android Application Development

6 months Industrial Training Programs

Advance Courses


  1.  Digital Marketing
  2. Android Application Development
  3.   . NET
  4.  Python
  5.  Data Science
  6.  Angular JS
  7.   Java Training
  8.  PHP
  9. Data Mining
  10.  Networking
  11.  Cloud Computing (AWS/AZURE)
  12.  Ethical Hacking
  13.  Machine Learning
  14.  Hadoop


  • Finance Training
  • Marketing Training