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Livelihood Business incubation Center

Livelihood Business Incubation Centre for nurturing the inexperienced small Entrepreneurs for their successful business is also working at the Institute. Human resources of perennial talents have been appointed for this purpose. At the centre, the enterprises are supported for their forward and backward linkages along with multiple value chains of imparting enterprising skills, management, and arrangements of the skilled workforce if so required. Assistance in marketing their product/services for their income generation and handholding support for obtaining any statutory license, mudra loans, and Government welfare schemes are also provided. Whereas the funding is made available through an innovative Self-Help group ecosystem wherein small groups of four women entrepreneurs each of best chemistry is formed. Such all four members of a group make their purchases turn wise after every week with the capital in which collection of equal contribution by all four members is included. As such to every member of such group four-time funds of her own capital becomes available free of interest to make their working capital requirement comfortable and this revolving contribution goes on regularly. Monitoring by the incubation centre is made regularly for the contingent assistance of the Entrepreneurs.

The Institute has embraced the digital in every process of its all programs. Internet and ICT tools are the essential ingredients. The approach of these ingredients is to integrate technology, connectivity, content, and human resource. The major ICT tools used in the processes of the Institute are Computers, laptops, Printers and scanners Audio and video devices, a Projector, Mobile phones along Software of different information and media. Learning and development of computing and coding skills are imparted along with the learning of E-commerce payments i.e the payments through online mediums like POS, PayTm, PayUMoney, Mobile wallet, net banking is imparted.