JIYES Learning Institute has entered into strategic alliance with Biotech Study & Research Centre (P) Ltd. (BSRC)conducting Research & Development in the areas of health care and Biotech industrial training programs of different modules and Dissertation projects with management internship programs for the empowerment. JIYES Learning Institute is working for meeting the gap between class room wisdom and real time business realities so creating a pool of skilled human resource of different domains with their transformational training. So the alliance is inter complementary to boost the business of each other.

JIYES Learning Institute has entered into strategic alliance with Our Life Long Cares- (OLLC) working in the wellness and personal care domain with the vision prevention is better than cure as such treating the lifestyle disease of obesity which has high correlation with heart diseases, type II diabetes, various types of cancer, high blood pressure, infertility between men and women and many more through personal care treatments of pediatrics, cosmetology and physiotherapy covering all age groups of infants, teens, youths and old to be happy, beautiful, handsome and disease free.

JIYES Learning Institute is also working with TATA Institute of Social Sciences-School of Vocational Education center of excellence as their Training Hub Partner where students learn the skills by engaging in on-the-job training at real shop floor of the industry/company in Hospitality sector.